My work focuses primarily on the concept of home — what it looks like, my relationship with it, and how both can change over time. I explore this through my past homes, using elements of concrete places that have left their mark on me as the foundation for more abstract work. Through the layered process of printmaking I am able to build up my personal understanding of home and translate it into a universal visual.


With my recent body of work, titled “I’m From Nowhere”, I am focusing my approach to working with monotype. By choosing to not work with a repeatable matrix, I have allowed myself the freedom to go beyond exact depictions of place and time, resulting in abstracted landscapes that cannot be found at any particular point on a map. Through building up subtle layers on top of each other, I am able to recreate the process of building a home, plank by plank. I am also able to translate visually what I feel internally, that I am built from a blend of separate homes coming together but no individual home on its own — in short, I’m from nowhere.